September 16, 2013

Kitchen makeover!

Hi guys! Welcome to our kitchen makeover! This week will be all about before and after photos, tips on painting cabinets in chalk paint, and a few unique ideas that will help put a personal stamp on the most frequently trafficked room in the house. 

So let's get started! We've got 30yr old cabinets which we've been planning on painting since before we moved in 3 years ago. I'd been waiting for a 'right time' to get the job done, but really, is there ever a right time for such a task? I was dreading it, to be honest.

Kitchen before

Finally one morning in early August, I was sipping my coffee while my little ones ate their breakfast, and got the sudden, overwhelming urge to go for it. I had already purchased my paint, (months prior), and had all my supplies just collecting dust in the garage. It was go time! So to start, I made a huge mess. Everything had to come out of the drawers, cabinets had to be removed.

Kitchen After 
**In this case, 'after' is a super loaded word. I'll give you a detailed account of what went into the process of painting our cabinets and how it went using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint tomorrow!

Last Friday I posted about my new interest in woven rag rugs - this one I fount at Target for $13, and it is SO thick and soft!

I really, really liked the original drawer pulls that were already on our drawers. I took them outside, laid them on cardboard, and gave them a couple coats of black spray paint by Rustoleum, my favorite brand for spray paint. (I bought new, simple black knobs from Home Depot for the cabinets, 95 cents each).

If you were to take a closer look at our cabinets you would find imperfections, which I will vulnerably include  in the details of this makeover tomorrow. But, as my very kind husband reminds me every time I point out an imperfection, doing this myself saved us thousands of dollars. It's so close to my dream for this kitchen and I couldn't be happier with the results. 

And if you noticed the switched out light fixture above the sink and missed our how-to post about that, here it is!

Thank you all for reading!