September 22, 2014

Style Mutt is up!

Guess what, guys?! StyleMutt is alive and kickin'! We're leading off with a brand new post over there today! Cate and I have what we feel is a great base for our new site and we've decided to go ahead and run with what we've got!  We look forward to adding on some fun new features over the next few months, but we think what we've got now is a great start that will allow guests to get to know their way around. 

So, this means that Chelsea's Garage will no longer be our operating site. I will leave this last post up for a while to help avoid any confusion, but from now on we'll be posting and sharing on StyleMutt! 

In this last post on Chelsea's Garage, I wanted to share a short piece from our About section on StyleMutt. It's taken me a while to be able to articulate why I feel that any of this is important. With all that is going on in the world around us, why does any of this matter? Why spend the time? Here's my personal answer: 'I believe we are made in our Creators image and are wired to enjoy the process of creating. I'm not an educated designer and have quite a buried archive of bad DIY projects-gone-wrong, but the one, true thing that never changes is that I feel a great sense of peace and closeness with our Lord when I’m using my mind and working with my hands. Joy is always present when I’m creating and I hope it is for you as you explore StyleMutt.'

I cannot thank you all enough for your enthusiasm and encouragement with Chelsea's Garage over the last few years. You've been so kind and I feel humbled anytime someone expresses even the slightest joy in following along. It's a bittersweet time, indeed, but you all have helped this transition from Chelsea's Garage to StyleMutt be a fun and exciting time. Thank you, thank you.

I'll see you over at StyleMutt! :)

Thank you, as always, for stopping by!


September 17, 2014

Updates on StyleMutt!

Hey gang! It's been a little while, eh?! We sure have missed connecting with you here via Chelsea's Garage over the last few weeks but are crazy excited about the progress we're making on our new site, StyleMutt! If you're visiting for the first time, please read this; it explains everything about why Chelsea's Garage is soon retiring and a brand new site, StyleMutt, will be taking it's place! We are a lot further along than we thought we'd be at mid-September and anticipate StyleMutt being ready to launch by October/November! So, to help get everyone pumped up for the cool new blog on the block, we thought we'd share a few elements of the new site that have us dancin' with joy! 

1) We've got a logo! What do ya think?!
2) And a short n' sweet tagline to explain who we are: "A home decor resource for all breeds of style"
3) A few favorite components:
          -Favorite Supplies -This is where we'll list our favorite tried and true go-to supplies to make it easier to plan ahead for upcoming projects.
          -Spaces - A page where we'll share not only our favorite rooms in our own homes, but some pretty doggone inspiring rooms that you guys have to share, too!
          -Re-purposed - Along with an organized selection of DIY project tutorials, we'll also have a list of ideas that simply turn one thing into something totally different and way cooler.

Since the basic bones of StyleMutt are nearly complete, we will likely launch the site before all of the features are complete. Then, over the first few months of existence we'll debut cool new elements as they're finalized!

As we begin closing the door to Chelsea's Garage and start this awesome new adventure with StyleMutt, we are so grateful for your encouragement and shared excitement! Just like Chelsea's Garage, StyleMutt will be nothing without you! A few more weeks of working on the website and we should be ready to announce the big launch! Thank you so much for your patience and hanging with us while we make this transition.

Thank you for stopping by!

~Chelsea & Cate