September 30, 2013

DIY pillows: 5 minutes + $5

Hi friends! Today I'm sharing a project that is DIY at its best.

You know what these are?

Lined ones...

which happen to be on clearance right now at Target.

And thanks to the inspiration from the Lovely Etc. blog, I'm going to pass along the fantastic idea of making them into pillows!

Step 1: Find some inserts.
(I used a couple 14x14" pillows from around the house that I wasn't using - these are from thrift stores so they cost $3 each)

Step 2: Cut open one end of the placemat

Step 3: Stuff in your pillow

Step 4: Sew your open end shut

Step 5: Decorate!

Group shot!

Since I do not have a sewing machine it took me closer to 10 minutes to make each pillow. If you do this with a machine it would easily be a 5 minute project, (though 10 minutes for beautiful pillows at $5 is still awesome)!

And for some Merry and Bright pillows for the upcoming holidays...

Check out more fun ideas on Jennifer Rizzo's site!

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September 27, 2013

Friday Love

Today I've got a twofer for ya:

This Friday Love segment is pretty short and sweet. And cozy. I love love love the herringbone pattern. I think of it as the older sister, (or brother), to the trending chevron patter, (the zig-zag), but a far cry from boring. 

And I love throws blankets! With morning temps starting in the high 40s, low 50s, I've already been enjoying my morning coffee with a soft blanket over my shoulders, (while my kids sit quietly and read books as they wait patiently for their breakfast...hah! Okay, so the morning cup of coffee isn't as quiet and tranquil as I made it seem...but I do walk around with a throw draped around me, even as I make breakfast!)

The combination of this delightful pattern on a warm, soft blanket is perfection. The fun thing about throws is that while you aren't using them they are beautiful decorating accessories! Pull one over a bed in the winter, keep a few draped or folded over sofas and armchairs, or neatly stacked in a visible shelf, cubby or basket. Because of their versatility, and in my personal experience, frequent use, I think it is worth investing in a quality throw that is as durable as it is beautiful.

The one above and the one below are out of my price range, reaching over $200. But how lovely they are...

For some more affordable options under $25 but just as soft and pretty, (if not more so)...

Have yourselves a cozy weekend!


September 24, 2013

Distressed Mint Buffet, {the detailed transformation}

Hi friends! Today I've got an awesome transformation of a really dull piece with lots of potential into something extraordinary. I took lots of pics along the way so you could really see what goes into a makeover and take notes for yourself if this is an interest of yours as well. To start, you need a piece of furniture.:) I look for things that are structurally sound, heavy, sturdy, but also just really interesting. Chunky pieces typically catch my eye and unique details that set a piece apart from others I've seen. (Things that don't matter to me: type of wood, color, hardware, scratches/nicks/chips)

This large buffet I found at Goodwill hit everything on my checklist for a piece to transform

Though seasonally appropriate at the moment, the iron leaf knobs were not lining up with my vision for this piece. 

So I easily removed them with a screwdriver.

The new hardware I got required smaller holes, which meant I needed to fill in the existing holes.

I plugged the old holes up with Elmers Wood Filler.

While I waited for the wood filler to dry and harden I got to work sanding the edges of my piece just to smooth over all the rough spots. I used 120 grit sandpaper.

Once my wood filler hardened I could sand it down smooth. Sand in all directions; circular motion, left to right, up and down - you want to make sure it is a completely smooth surface.

After all the sanding was done I brushed on my first coat of paint. In this case my first coat was Duck Egg by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. First coats of paint do not have to look good. You can paint like you did in third grade.:)

After my first coat dried I began my second coat - for this piece I layered two colors, so my second coat was Spring Mint by Behr. On large surfaces like the top, I like to brush in circular motion followed by an even back and forth motion.

Once the paint dried completely I distressed along the edges, corners, and areas of the larger surfaces using a medium grit sanding block. After wiping the dust off I used a clean rag to wipe on an even coat of Minwax Polyurethane clear semi-gloss.

After the sealer dried all that was left to do was replace the drawers and doors, attach the new hardware, (after careful measuring), and bring the finished piece inside for it's glamour photos!

{66"L x 29"H x 19"D}
Piece has sold. Please contact me if interested in something similar!

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September 23, 2013

Pretty Painted Pumpkins

I brought home this lot of fake pumpkins from 
Michaels last week...

small ones got rubber banded...

blue taped some stems...

pulled out my favorite chalk paints by Annie Sloan...

and started painting!

Hello, Fall. Nice to see you again.

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