September 20, 2013

Friday Love

For today's Friday Love I'm sharing one of my favorite decorating tricks - leafy branches! I realize as I am typing this that it sounds ridiculously simple and made-up. Totally understand, but hear me out. I don't do well with potted plants or flowers. I absolutely love the beauty and charm they can add to the home, but I just don't take care of them well. I think I am being responsible by watering them, rotating them, and giving them proper light, but then next thing I know they've bit the dust.

So how can I keep fresh greens in my home without spending $ every week for new living ones? Right outside our back door. 

Clipped from azalea bushes.

Not sure what this is, but I like it.

Below are some pictures I have found inspiring:

Does this one look familiar? I found this photo so fresh and pretty that I tried a similar grouping with our entry, (above). I would love to duplicate this entire shot so I foresee a couple little projects in the near future!
 Apartment Therapy



Elle Decor

You really can't go wrong with a few leafy greens in your home no matter what your decorating style. Our style tilts towards rustic, eclectic and slightly minimalist, so adding some fresh leafy branches not only softens our space as it does with the photos above, but it also blurs the line between outdoors and in, which I just love. 

So what is your stand? Flowers or leafy branches?

Happy weekending!


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  1. what a great tip! Will have to pick some leafy greens to decorate with today.