March 29, 2013

Chic tables from chippy shutters

I never thought I'd do much decorating with shutters. I almost flanked a chippy decorative window once with shutters on either side, but my Mom wisely talked me off the cliff. I was ready with hammer and nail but am so glad I didn't go that far with the country element of styling my home. It was a close encounter, indeed, to committing to a particular style that is just not 'me'. Thank you, Mom :)

So, what then do I do when driving home from an errand with my kids one morning and see a large and neat pile of shutters lying on the side of the road for trash pick-up? I pick them up, of course! This was months and months ago. I wrote a short post about how I used some of them for Christmas decorating, (I stood them up and hung our gold glass balls on them), but then they went back into the garage after the holidays.

Then I discovered that shutters don't have to hung at all...and when nailed together are actually quite supportive little structures. So, I made a couple tables.

Ok, so the piece that I used for the table top is actually a door that we had to remove from another piece! The hardware holes could have been filled in, yes, but I had some beautiful antique hardware hanging out just begging to be used. I love the whisper of elegance they add. So beautiful. 

In order to keep this table made with shutters and a door from looking too whimsical, crafty, or 'country-cupboard', I used one of my all-time favorite color combos: Duck Egg underneath, French Linen on top. Rub that French Linen down and you get the sweetest little peeks of Duck Egg underneath. French Linen is, without a doubt. as beautiful a color as it sounds. Warm and soft, timeless and elegant. A versatile neutral that blends well with crisp white all the way to warm mahogany. I buy can after can and never get tired of popping a fresh one open.

Here's a sweet little table I shared a peek of in my previous post.

I painted the round tabletop in my new favorite green, Aloe, by Sherwin Williams, (the same color I used for this oval desk). It's a fun little size to move around and play with. Take it outside when entertaining on your porch. Keep fresh bath towels and cloths neatly folded in a bathroom. Top with a simple lamp and make it a bedside table. Or a touch of color for your living room as your home blooms into Spring.

Saturday, May 4
Herndon, VA (email me at for address!

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March 27, 2013

Save the date!

The next Chelsea's Garage sale is fast approaching!
On Saturday, May 4 from 10am - 2pm
my garage will no longer be a garage but a chic and cozy showroom displaying all the newly refinished pieces that are for sale! This is an important event because it gives guests first picks on this fresh new stock. After the sale, any items that are left will go in my Etsy shop and get posted on Craigslist. So, mark your calendars and make a date with your friends to come by! I'll have complimentary refreshments, (because who doesn't enjoy shopping with a snack?!), and you are welcome to peruse as long as you'd like.  I am located in Herndon, VA and will be happy to give the address to anyone who needs it - just email me at

Here's a look at a small handful of pieces that will be available:

Floating oval desk

Country grey bookshelf

French country accent table

 Paris grey sideboard

Large custom 'greige' mirror

"Hipster" accent tables 
(four fabric tops to choose from, several pairs)

Shutter accent table

Oh my goodness, this is making me SO excited! There is a whole garage full of beautiful, one of a kind pieces like these that will all be available on May 4. I can't wait and I sure hope to see you there!


March 26, 2013

Birthday Momma

Nope. It's not my birthday. Mine's in June. It's my little boy's birthday and today he's two. And although he will never ever have a single memory of the day he was born, I will cherish every minute of that day close to my heart. So, I like to wish myself a happy birthday, too. Today's isn't a usual post, but it's a huge chunk of my heart as I reflect on this day two years ago.

This was a good day. We took one last photo as a family of four before heading to the hospital to have our baby. 
We left Colin in charge. ;) 

It was a peaceful, and at times funny, labor and delivery. On our way to the hospital I mumbled something under my breath about forgetting my chapstick; talking to myself. Matt heard me and veered off the road to stop at CVS for chapstick. 4 speed bumps, lots of yelling and one new tube of chapstick later, we were back on the road. And after a few hours from arriving to the hospital, we got to meet this little guy. 

My husband and I had not decided on a name yet, which we got flack for from the doctor when she held our baby up and asked what was his name. After a few minutes with him we named our baby Mason James.

On his 1st birthday I marvelled about how easy of a baby he had been; how he was so laid back and 'go with the flow'. He would amuse himself quietly wherever I lay him down and on our worst night after he was born I think I still got 8 hours of sleep. I had doubted myself when I was pregnant with him, not knowing how in the world I would take care of a newborn and his young twin siblings at the same time. But the Lord was unconcerned. He knew Mason before he was even born. He knew that once I met this baby, my fears would be forgotten.

To Mason the world is not meant to be understood, as it is for my older two, but rather explored. There is opportunity for fun and adventure around every corner and he dives in head first without a second thought. At 13 months he tried to test drive his brother's little riding car down the basement stairs. Ever since learning to walk at 9 months he loves to stand at the top of our steep driveway, lean forward, and run down as fast as his chubby little legs can carry him, an activity which always makes me hold my breath - but I don't try to stop him. I stand at the bottom with my arms open ready to scoop him up if he falls...but he never does. He runs right into me for a big hug. Then it's back up to do it again, (or stop off for a bite of dirt).

I love his wild sense of adventure and enjoy watching him explore and try new things. He will touch anything, taste anything, smell anything. I have yet to see him show a sign of fear, (much to my amazement as a curious observer of his ways, and horror as his mother).

As wild a boy as he is, Mason has such a gentle heart and loves to love. Kisses and hugs have to go hand in hand - he never gives one without the other. He snuggles the same now as he did when he was an infant, burrowing his head in my shoulder, hiking his knees up and tucking those chubby arms in. I can never get enough of that. There will always be room in my arms, (if not on my lap), for some snuggling.

Mason's second year has been such a sweet treasure to me. He's given all of us so much more than he's taken. I marvel at his curiosity, his gusto, his strong will and his willingness. I am thankful for him every day and love him as if my heart will explode.


Happy Birthday to our little boy.


March 21, 2013

More is more when you're under 4!

This week we got our craft on around here! I know I like to post a lot of DIY projects that I do around our home, but those are different to me than doing crafts. I don't consider the work I put into home decorating as  doing crafts anymore than one of the designers at, say, Restoration Hardware. I'm not comparing the quality of my work to RH, but 1) I am very inspired by their style and 2) I cannot justify paying their prices at this point in my life. So, I do what I can with what I have and aim for that cozy, elegant, rustic vibe they've got going on.

Crafting is different. Crafting with three little ones is a whole other business entirely. And it. is. awesome. My boy-girl twins are 3.5yrs old and for a while now have enjoyed time coloring and with play dough. But, their imaginations have exploded and I've been trying to think up clever ways for them to use their creativity at home. Last week I found a super fun craft at In the Fun Lane: a Spring/Easter tree! I just had to walk out our back door to find a plethora of perfect twigs and branches. We already had the planter, I had 3 bags full of scrap fabric and yarn, and we found a few more goodies lying around the house and at the dollar store. This whole project cost around $3 and it occupied my kids for almost 2 hours. Best $3 ever spent!!!

Here's our creation!

Look at all that hot mess....I love it!!!

The birdhouse was a dollar store find that Colin picked out and I spray painted white. 

The styrofoam eggs drizzled with color were another dollar store treat that the kids picked out, (from a few options I showed them)

These tiny disco ball beads were from a necklace of Shire's that broke, (by her little brother's hands). I strung them through wire ornament hooks so they could be hung anywhere on our tree.

The gold beaded garland was also found at the dollar store. After stringing some of it around our branches I just let the rest gather in the pot to make a little nest for my 3 eggs; representing our 3 little ones.

Even my youngest, Mason, (who will be 2yrs old in less than a week), contributed, (see the floor):

He wrapped that yarn 3 times around the wall! What a stinker!

The system that worked for us in making the tree was for me to do all the cutting and gluing and the kids would decide which fabric and yarn was going to go where. They wanted it alllllll covered. It was fun! Not a decorative piece I will leave up year round, but for the colorful upcoming season I think it's perfect :)

I still had a ton of scrap fabric left that I had already cut into strips, so Shire and I made a rag garland and stuck it in her room, (for now):

We just tied strips of fabric, (between 5" and 8"), onto a length of yarn then I tucked it behind the corners of her makeshift headboard, (how-to found here)

Have you done any fun fabric projects lately? Leave a comment and share your creativity!