May 31, 2013

Life happening: Our week in pictures

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I can't wait to start the Early Stages of Decorating series with you on Monday! I've been working on the entire series throughout the past week, putting the whole thing together as my train of thought was on a roll. I sincerely hope you enjoy it and that it's a helpful resource for you!

It was somewhat of a week off from painting as I just worked on one custom order containing two small pieces for a sweet client. Other than that, our week looked a little like this...

This one started with a fever...

...but it didn't last long.

This one met the boy-girl twins that I was given when I was five years old. (They actually have all their anatomy...)

Foreshadowing her life as well perhaps?

Finding my boys' matchbox cars slipped under their door during "nap time".
And catching their fingers reaching out trying to get them back.

Breakfasts outside!

And a couple fun opportunities to go meet friends, sans kids!
Anyone else keeping their hair in a permanent messy-bun from now until October?
Virginia humidity is killer!

Happy weekend :)


P.S. I want to clarify something really quick, (not because anyone brought it up...I just want to) - when I mentioned yesterday at the beginning of the post that I felt like our space looked like an arts and crafts project with lots of painted pieces and DIY projects, I did not mean that I purged of all those things or that DIY projects = poor style or taste. We still have four large pieces that I painted just for our home on our main level, not including all the frames I painted for our gallery wall, (dining room), and the lamps I painted black for a more industrial feel. I also refinished the wooden bakers rack between our living room windows, made the coat rack of recycled silver spoons, updated hardware on a few unpainted pieces, dyed the curtains in our kitchen, made a book page wreath that hangs by our front door, and other smaller touches. I am all for DIY home accents. I just think some of my particular projects weren't reflecting our style, (a decoupaged vase, wallpaper on our chandelier, hanging light fixtures that were improperly hung - stuff like that). I hope my remark didn't give any wrong impressions, but if it did, now you know; I love working with my own two hands on things for our home and if I had all the money in the world, I don't think I'd be doing any different. :)

May 30, 2013

Mother of all scores

I recently had a 'get back on track' week here with our living room. I purged of some things that I'd been trying to make work, but just hadn't been feelin'. Realizing that I'd gotten so wrapped up in DIY projects and painting this and that, I looked around and suddenly our living room felt like an arts and crafts project. SO not me.

I made a fresh start. Sold what wasn't working and used some of the cash to find replacements. One thing I felt like the space was missing was something large and metallic. Gold, silver, bronze - it didn't really matter, but I thought something with a fantastic sheen would be a gorgeous contrast to the rustic pieces we had, (wooden bakers rack, chippy church pew, weathered wood coffee table, industrial lamps). Figuring a mirror in some kind of metallic frame would fit the bill, I went to my trusty Goodwill. Nothin'. Then I bopped into HomeGoods for the first time in a long while and saw IT. I've never seen a more perfect marriage of rustic and elegance. 

A geometric frame - not too fancy or ornate - made of glass which appears to have been given some sort of treatment that resembles water marks and/or rust. It fits in perfectly.

(do you have an fabulously chic baby gate? they're all the rage right now.....;)
But seriously, I'm crazy about that frame!

So here is the fun part. At the store I noticed the red sticker that said $22. I blinked and checked again, (and again and again). I looked the piece over for disrepair and did notice a 3-4" crack at the very bottom of the frame, but nothing jeopardizing the structure or sturdiness, (since the glass itself is attached to some kind of hard plastic or metal backing). I pulled my two older little ones out of the shopping cart and made room for this 50 pounder. 

It wasn't until I got it home and propped it up that I noticed what was under the red $22 sticker.

So, it was once a $200 mirror at HomeGoods...not a shabby discount at all! But, by my reasoning it was a whole lot more, (potentially $400 as the sticker shows?), someplace else before it reached HomeGoods. That's a 95% off prize!...One that I thought was perfect for our home before even knowing the price and discounts! Win, win.

On an unrelated note, I snapped this picture while walking aimlessly around looking for mirrors, and saw this reflected in a few stacked full lengths. No joke -- I took about a dozen pictures like this and was turning all heads as I unleashed my total amusement in howling laughter. 2yr old Mason was less amused...

Thank you for reading! Do you have any memorable scores to share? Just post in a comment below!


May 29, 2013

Project du jour

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Who knew wrought iron, painted a heavenly color, 
could be light as air? 
(table missing it's glass top which it's owner kept at home - wise decision for my house of tots!)

*This piece was a custom order and is not available for sale. 
If you are looking for something similar please contact me to discuss your ideas!*

Coffee table painted in an equal parts mix of Chateau Grey and Old White, both by Annie Sloan Chalk  Paint. So in love with this color! To see another piece done in this color, please click here!

Thank you so much for stopping by! Please check back in tomorrow for my single most amazing score yet and possibly ever to come!


May 28, 2013

Early Stages of Decorating series

~All pieces available for sale can be found here~

I have been wanting to share a home decorating series with you all for a while now, but every time I get close to starting I lose the confidence. The only thing that holds me back is knowing that I am not a natural expert home decorator. I have no education in decorating, no natural eye or gift, and have learned much through trial and error.

I am simply a stay at home Momma who had something of a re-birth after I had my babies and moved into our first home. I did not grow up entirely interested in home decorating, though I had a front row seat watching my own Mom work her magic room by room in our home growing up. There's always been an elevated interest and urge to be creative, however. When we moved here into our first home, all those creative juices just funneled into making our house our own. I poured over books and magazines, keeping a file of ideas and pictures as I collected. There was this whole world of home decorating that I'd never given a single thought to, and all of a sudden I was completely submerged, wanting to learn as much as I could.

The absolute most helpful piece of literature that I actually read cover to cover was Domino, The Book of Decorating. I would recommend anyone just beginning their process of decorating, (or redecorating), to purchase this book for themselves. I'm going to take the month of June to walk through the Getting Started section of the book, as I found that so incredibly helpful, (and still do)! I hope this series can be a useful source for those out there who are just starting out, or perhaps wanting a change and aren't quite sure where or how to begin. While the book is such a great resource, I will also add some tips that I've learned through personal experience which I think compliment the information in the book well.

I still feel a bit nervous about doing this because I know there are so many talented people out there, professional or non, who have a true knack for decorating. To those that do, pay no attention to this humble series. If you are anything like me and just learning as you go, my desire is that this may be helpful to you in some way. It sure was for me!

I'm not sure yet how many posts will be in this series but I am thinking of trying to consolidate to 4 and posting each Monday in June. Seems like a good plan but as life happens, things may be adjusted :)


May 24, 2013

Lucketts find No. 2

~All pieces available for sale can be found here~

The other day I sold this teal buffet that previously graced our living room...

...for something a little different.

This old church pew is my second find from the Lucketts Spring Market last weekend! I measured the height of those toy bins, (from Target), and wanted something they could still slide under.

While very sturdy, it's not in perfect condition - as old, used things rarely are. But it's fun to embrace imperfections; who knows the history they tell! 

Grateful for these signs of approval...

Have a lovely weekend! Happy Memorial Day!


May 23, 2013

Lucketts find No. 1

~All pieces available for sale can be found here~

A few days ago I talked about shopping the Lucketts Spring Market last weekend with a list of specific items I wanted to look for. I couldn't believe I drove home with each item checked off the list! I'm excited to finish each piece and share its journey from Lucketts to our home!

The first one to make it in is the tall wooden door you see behind the bench.

I wanted a little height in a particular corner of our bedroom, and had envisioned something tall and rustic propped up near or behind the chair. My thoughts were either a latter or a door. I was hesitant about using a door because I didn't want anything too wide. But, when my Mom and I spotted this one at the LSM, it was perfect! Tall and narrow. Scooped it up. 

I painted it the same color as our wall, (Marilyn's Dress by Benjamin Moore), played a whole lot with the placement in that corner, and finally liked it this way. Placement does not come naturally for me. I have to try every which way before finding a set up that appeals. Play, play, play! It's a good way to learn if you're ever unsure.

The sketch on top was a thrift store score when we first moved in our home a few years ago. The painting on the bottom was a gift from my grandma - she painted it herself! She's been a talented artist for many years and it's a pleasure to display her work.

Taking a cue from some of the earthy greens used in the art on the wall, I pulled out a can of French Linen, a warm greenish-grey by Annie Sloan chalk paint, and covered a low bench that now sits at the foot of our bed, (and holds all my extra pieces of linen and burlap)

Last week I brought in that refinished chair in the corner, (the one found at the auto shop), and at the beginning of this week I added the antlers, which I showed a few days ago. 

I feel like we have made a smooth transition from a once delicate and frilly looking bedroom to something with more edge and personality. It's still soft and airy, which I love, but the addition of a few rustic pieces gives it a touch of masculinity, which is important to me since this is my husbands sanctuary from the crazy, too.

So, that's Lucketts find No. 1. Stay tuned for where the other two turn up! 

Thanks for reading!


May 22, 2013

Buffet for sale - profit going to Oklahoma relief!

~All pieces available for sale can be found here~

What affects a few, may it affect many

In light of the tornado that has affected thousands of people in Oklahoma, ripping homes and schools apart, taking lives, I would love to raise some money to donate to the American Red Cross disaster relief. Upwards of 10,000 people were affected by this tornado, 2,400 homes torn to pieces. Any little bit can help the many who have lost everything. 

I am moving on from our beloved teal buffet that has been the focal piece of our living room for the past few years. I painted it several years ago in a saturated teal and the more we've loved it, the more distressed and chippy it's become. This piece is in excellent condition, completely sturdy, and all wood. Lots of space for storage, (plus adjustable shelves)!

If you are interested in this piece please email me and I'd be happy to coordinate a time for you to see it, ( Will accept any reasonable offers. First person to pay may have it, (please arrange the transportation). Dimensions are 74L x 35.5H x 16.5D

100% of the payment for this piece will be donated to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund.

Thanks for reading and please pass this along to any locals in the Northern Virginia area who might be interested! This piece will also be posted on Craigslist so if you're interested don't wait too long!


May 21, 2013

Refinished antlers

~All pieces available for sale can be found here~

A couple weeks ago I posted this picture of some antlers that I snagged at a flea market for $7, (despite my husband's efforts to leave them behind). 

I don't think there are many hard rules with decorating. We don't have an obvious home decor style for antlers...but why not throw them in the mix? What caught my eye with these was that the horns had been sitting outside for what seemed like a while and were nicely weathered. I painted the plaque Old White by Annie Sloan Chalk paint, and recovered the red velvet fabric with antique linen.

Here they are on display in our bedroom!

More additions to our bedroom coming soon.:)