May 15, 2013

Studio upgrade!

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Hey guys! I had the pleasure of taking a solo road trip to visit my beautiful sister, Casey, last weekend and help her with her new studio apartment!

The weekend started with a pitcher of sangria and pizza. That's how we roll.

There are still a few items we're on the look-out for, but we made some major headway in perking the place up with some color and pattern. She really likes blue. Like, a lot. And yellow. Our designer-at-heart Mom got the cute flower pillow for the bed, and then we went from there.

We found a flea market up the street where we were able to load up on some kitchen and bathroom storage essentials without spending much. Among those lesser interesting items we also walked away with this print from the Metropolitan Museum of Art for $4. Great size as a focal point above the bed!

We grabbed a couple creamy yellow pillowcases from Target to punch out the yellow in the accent flower pillow and other areas of the space.

It was important to Casey to give the old nightstand that she used in college a fresh face with a pretty tablecloth. We found a beautiful blue and white stripe fabric at the flea market and cut it to size. Nothing fancy but oh, so cute! The lamp is a base and shade mix & match that Casey put together at Target. Isn't that shade so cool!? The floral blue curtain was also a Target find. 
Love that she keeps her fancy shoes out. They're like art! :)

Across from the bed we hung more curtains and used the same striped fabric from the tablecloth to make tiebacks.

She's had these shelves for a long time. Love the open storage!

Looking into the kitchen

Not really sure what this piece was made for but it sure is a fun spot to gather spices and seasonings.

Recognize this from here? :)

Casey has a great idea for a little sitting area with a comfy armchair and small coffee table, but since space is pretty limited the pieces will have to be just the perfect size. We'll all be on the lookout but in the meantime I think she's got a darn cute place to call home! Aren't studios fun?!?

Thanks a lot for reading! Check back in tomorrow to see an awesome transformation of a bug ridden dumpster chair, (which is in our bedroom now)!


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