May 24, 2013

Lucketts find No. 2

~All pieces available for sale can be found here~

The other day I sold this teal buffet that previously graced our living room...

...for something a little different.

This old church pew is my second find from the Lucketts Spring Market last weekend! I measured the height of those toy bins, (from Target), and wanted something they could still slide under.

While very sturdy, it's not in perfect condition - as old, used things rarely are. But it's fun to embrace imperfections; who knows the history they tell! 

Grateful for these signs of approval...

Have a lovely weekend! Happy Memorial Day!



  1. i LOVE this re-do! And i really really love the pictures hanging above the bench!

    Becca B

  2. I love the bench! Looks great with all your other living room furniture. I could also see it as a window seat type bench-with some colorful seat cushions on top overlooking a yard. So pretty-I wonder what the history is!
    Kat M.

    1. Would be totally cute as a window seat, you're right! I've been in contact with Megen M about making some pillows with some fabric I've been holding onto for a while, waiting for something fun to use it for. I can't wait to see how they turn out! Think they'll add some cozy to the bench.:)

    2. ooo...can't wait to see pics :)