May 14, 2013

Custom match

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When owning/working a creative business I don't think there is anything more flattering than repeat business. At least that's how I feel. It means a lot to me when someone is so pleased with a piece I have finished that they come back for more. I remember the first time someone wanted another piece from me - I was so thrilled I would have given it away! 

I recently had such a request from a very kind client who drives a solid 45 minutes from her home to mine. Last fall she bought this china cabinet which I had finished in Paris Grey and Old White - both by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

A couple weeks ago she dropped off a coffee table which she wanted to have finished to match her china cabinet.
The finished product

The entire piece is covered in a thick layer of Paris Grey, with a thinner layer of Old white on top. I gently distressed the top layer of Old White using a fine sanding sponge to show peeks of the pretty grey. The insides of the drawers, however, I left in just Paris Grey, same as I did with the inside of the hutch.

Both pieces will bask in her sunroom; so dreamy! Now I want a sunroom with some Paris Grey and Old White pieces. First, I need a sunroom...

Do you have any beloved pieces which you'd like to give a fresh look so you can truly enjoy them?
Email me at! I'd love to hear your ideas and turn them into reality.:)


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