20 little tid-bits about me, Chelsea:

1. My first dream was to be an Olympian. In any event. Anything at all. 
(You should also know that I live to laugh)

2. My mothering style is circa 1970's. I often feel like I'm raising kids in the wrong decade. I'm a book free, monitor free, crib bumper user, tummy-to-sleeper, flying by the seat of my pants Mom. And for us, it works.

3. Speaking of motherhood, here are a few facts: I hated babysitting when I was younger. Least favorite job ever. In a humorous, ironic twist, God gave my husband and me three babies in under 17 months. Love them to pieces.
Shire, Mason, and Colin

4. Our boy-girl twins, Colin and Shire, spent over 3 weeks in the Fairfax Hospital NICU following a premature birth, (which followed one full month of hospitalized bed rest for me). Three weeks is nothing compared to what some families endure, but it was the longest, most draining three weeks of my life. If you ever want to discuss premature babies, NICU life, twins, bed rest, or any of the like, I'm an open book. Email me!

4. Most favorite thing for dinner is my husband's homemade guacamole. On the couch. On a Friday. 

5. I'm a recovering people pleaser. Saying 'NO' used to tear me up inside...now it only hurts a little. I'm getting there and that's a step in the right direction. Learning how to be honest about my time, my commitments and my priorities is so freeing. 

6. I don't embarrass very quickly, but my most embarrassing moment that I can think of was choking on a bite of salad in Panera, giving my husband the choking signal, (grabbing my throat), and him giving me the Heimlich maneuver in front of the whole restaurant. Not so bad, right? Except that we were there with some brand new friends. As in, first time ever getting together. I choked our first impression...

7. I learned how to refinish furniture while lying in the hospital on bedrest pregnant with our twins. I read, studied, took notes, and soaked up all that I could regarding tools, paints, and techniques. I still have that file on my computer! (pre-Pinterest days)

8. I think one of the most fun jobs in the world would be styling studio apartments. I'm so drawn to the creativity required for making a small space functional, personal, and stylish.

9. My last, and current, crush was/is my husband Matt, aka Bieb. He captured my heart our sophomore year of college at James Madison University over lots of capture the flag, kick-ball, card games, bonfires, church, and questionable campus food. He's a stud and our boys are so blessed to have such an awesome role model. 

10. I learned to water ski when I was 3 by standing on top of a family friend's skis while holding onto the rope. I'm really not that good all these years later, but I've always enjoyed a good adrenaline rush.

11. Speaking of adrenaline, I love to run! Not socially or for my health, but because I think it's really fun. I started running competitively when I was 11, ran for my college, and enter road races now. Training looks a little different with three kids, but I still like to get out there. 

12. My BFF is my my younger sister, Casey. We are so very different but fit together like two pieces of a puzzle. She is the light of my life.

13. My kids are my heroes. They look past all my mistakes and imperfections as their Mom and think I'm just kick-butt awesome. It's incredibly humbling! We all need people like that in our life and my kids inspire me to be that for others, (or at least try).

14. I think I'm way, way, way funnier than I am. It's a small problem.

15. I haven't been to the dentist since my babies were born and now I'm afraid to go back. On the plus side, I found an AWESOME hair stylist to cut my hair, so that's good. (And I use a battery powered vibrating toothbrush, so that's like going to the dentist every day, right?)

16. I love Jesus Christ. The fact that the creator of our universe cares about little me is daunting. He is the strength when I am weak. He is the definition of love. 'We love because He first loved us.' 1 John 4:19 He's blessed my broken self beyond my understanding. He is comfort and joy, peace and hope. And, this may be a bit off topic, but one question I'm looking forward to asking Him in heaven is what exactly happened to the dinosaurs. If He could spell it out, with maybe a few images, that would be super. My kids are hounding me about this and I've got nothing.

17. My favorite verse when life feels heavy is this: "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Matthew 11:28

18. I have a tattoo. Look up Matthew 28:20. So comforting.

19. My decorating motto is this: Don't take decorating too seriously! I would describe my style as utterly fearless, for better or worse. As I've become bolder and more comfortable with myself, my style has evolved to this wonderful mix of bold and edgy and classic and modern. Yes, I'm a style mutt and I'm totally cool with that. This blog was born in 2012 and bless your sweet heart if you've kept with me for that long. I've made lots of mistakes and had lots of failures, (combined with horrible photography, which has been a learning process too), but each step along the way has proven it's worth by all that I've learned. And by sharing what I've learned I hope you're able to grow more confident in your style, too! 

20. I started Chelsea's Garage in 2010 because I'm so passionate about creating beautiful pieces of furniture from forgotten ones and believe everyone should have the opportunity to decorate according to their vision and style, regardless of budget. By working and selling my furniture pieces from home I am able to maintain modest prices, meet each client face to face, and raise my little ones, (the best perk of all). Whether you're here for information, inspiration, or even by accident, I hope you enjoy yourself! I welcome questions of all sorts so if you have any about anything feel free to email me! I'll do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

So, what do you think? Friends? In case you aren't convinced, a few of us made a little video for your amusement, (in our pre-refinished kitchen):

 See? We're just having a good time and want you to be part of it. But, if you're still having second thoughts about this relationship I encourage you to stick around and give me a chance to prove you wrong. :)

Thank you so much for reading!


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