November 27, 2013

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So thankful for you for reading, sharing, and supporting Chelsea's Garage.

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November 26, 2013

Tighten your belts {A fun pillow trick}

By Chelsea

Hey guys! Just popping in to share the easiest, cheapest way I've seen recently to cozy up your every day throw pillows for the winter and upcoming holidays: Add a belt!

Love. this. look.

Love such quick and easy decorating tricks that add a unique impact to a room!

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November 25, 2013

One A Week {Pom-pom garland}

By Chelsea

Confession time. Serious confession time. When Matt and I were pregnant with our twins and we found out they were a boy and a girl, for a few weeks longer than I'm happy admitting, I wanted to name our daughter Garland, (I'm a huge Judy Garland fan). Don't judge me. I had a double dose of pregnant brain and I honestly thought it sounded pretty! Needless to say I'm in debt to my husband for saving our daughter from that one. But this story has so little to do with today's post...

If you missed the previous One A Week segments, (I'm sharing one Christmas DIY project a week until the week before Christmas), you can catch them here and here! Today's is the perfect touch of whimsical if you like a little twist on a traditional decoration. I happen to like garland of every kind used in almost every way. Garland is so versatile and lots of fun to string any which way you want! This week is how to make Pom-pom garland! The steps are identical to the Pom-pom wreath, so if you tried that one already you're an old pro!

1 spool of yarn
pair of scissors

Step 1: Wrap yarn around your hand about 30-40 doesn't really matter that you do it the same every time.
Step 2: Remove the bundle from your hand but keep it together, like a donut, and snip the yarn about 7" from your bundle.
Step 3: Snip the 'tail' right at the bundle. Lay the tail out flat and then place your 'donut' bundle right on top of it, (sorry the picture for this step is inaccurate. You want your 'donut' to be right in the middle on top of your snipped 'tail'. I must have been so engrossed in my sappy reality show that I wasn't paying attention to the other side of the camera lens...)

Step 4: Tie the tail around the center of your bundle. Tie it tight and in a knot
Step 5: Weave your scissors through the loops and cut them open. Repeat on both sides
Step 6: Snip any extra length from your 'tail' and now you've made a pom-pom!

Step 7: (not pictured) Tie your pom-poms down a length of yarn, equal distance apart. Now you've got pom-pom garland! Happy decorating!

This garland would definitely add some winter fluff entwined with any real or faux green garland, too! If you try any of these One A Week Christmas decor projects please feel free to email me pictures; I'd love to see what you do!!

Thank you for reading!


November 22, 2013

Friday Love {Craigslist}

By Chelsea

This week's Friday Love segment may come across as a little creepy crazy awesome. And it is. If you can get past the fact that you are, indeed, buying from strangers, then Craigslist is an awesome place to shop. You'll find absolutely everything and prices are usually negotiable. Just be sure to use precaution when you are going to be making a purchase, (or selling). Some people choose only to meet in a neutral, public location. If not, make sure you have a friend or spouse with you. Communication is key and talking by phone first is another safety precaution you can take. But I'm not here to teach you how to take care of yourselves. This is about all the amazing stuff that can be found on Craigslist. If I see something pretty awesome in a store, I always check Craigslist first to see if someone is selling something similar. Check out these items below that, as of last night, are still currently available in the NoVA, D.C. area. These are Pottery Barn / Restoration Hardware worthy items. I have no idea where any of them truly came from, but I know that for the style, the prices are a steal compared to those big box stores.

And for some reason my computer won't let me insert text after the last item, so I'll say so long here and let you gander on! If you're an avid Craigslist-er, happy hunting!

Have a wonderful weekend! 


Loft - Industrial - Rustic Globe, Sphere Lamp. Salvage Style - $150 (Falls Church)

Drafting Stool-Industrial Style 40-50s - $75 (Silver Spring,Md.)


© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap

Banquet Fold Table, Statue, Shelf, Back Pack, Peg Board,Ball,Comforter - $1 (GMU / Burke)

Six Foot Farm Table - $325 (Baltimore)

© craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap


(3) PRONTO Index Card Metal Filing Cabinet Drawer Industrial MCM - $45 (Gaithersburg)

Blueprint / Map / Chart / Flat Filing Cabinet - $180 (DC)

November 21, 2013

Speaking of nooks...

By Chelsea

Last Friday I shared my favorite spot in any house - the cozy nook, (or corner, or whatever cozy spot in your home you use to step away for a few moments). Today I've got a couple of rustic little chairs for sale that would be so beautiful tucked away in a corner near some favorite reads and a cozy blanket.

I love me a nook-worthy chair

These chairs are eclectic gems! I love the contrast of the simple, modern shape with the texture of the rattan and the chippy legs, (which I painted in 'Grainsack' by Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint). The woven rattan provides a softer seat than a hard wood or metal chair.

A fantastic pair together or strong, independent singles. So great for a home office, or at the head of your dining table, a quiet spot where you like to retreat. Grab a colorful pouf or ottoman and you're good to go for a few moments of peace and quiet!
{Now available for sale}
$75 for one
$65ea. for both

Thank you for stopping by!

P.S. I finally got around to creating a portfolio album! Here is the link to most of my refinished furniture pieces over the last few years, (or you can click on the Portfolio link on the left)!


November 20, 2013


Dressers / Buffets / 
Entertainment consoles / Credenzas

Accent tables

Coffee tables


Chairs / Benches / Stools / Settees 

Dining tables / Chairs / Sets