November 1, 2013

Friday Love

Posted by Chelsea

A very happy Friday to you! To kick off the weekend I wanted to share my absolute favorite home interior element for today's Friday Love. I'm crazy about exposed interior brick walls in the home. Perhaps it's the city girl in me, but the warehouse, downtown vibe feels exciting and inviting! 

If the industrial style is not really your cup of tea, don't count interior brick out just yet. Take a look at these cozy, cottage styled rooms. The brick adds a warmth and coziness that contrasts nicely with these softer spaces.

Finally, our very own interior brick wall right downstairs in the basement! This is not our 'forever' home and I hope it's not our last with interior brick, but just in case we ever want to try it ourselves, here is an excellent DIY tutorial on adding it!

Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend, friends!


P.S. And thank you for your kind comments, (both emailed and posted on facebook), yesterday about Shire's room makeover, (here)! The response was overwhelming, (and a little surprising), so thank you for taking the time to offer your encouragement. Means a lot. :)

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