December 22, 2012

Chalky home accents

Now that we are all getting ready to de-decorate our homes from the holidays, (and I know some of you have already done so!), it's kind of a fun time to see our homes as a clean slate to try some new things. One fun way to update your home decor is in freshening up your home decor accents. It's the small things that I think make the biggest impact sometimes. Here are two particular ideas that I loved giving as gifts this year for Christmas, and have enjoyed using around my own home!

All you need is a can of flat black spray paint and some good ol' sidewalk chalk. I just used white but of course you can have lots of fun with all the pastels.

Capture any special moments over the holidays? These days with nearly all our photos being digital, printed pictures are a priceless treasure. Perhaps it's for this reason that frames are getting increasingly expensive. Even at Target, a beautifully detailed 5x7 frame was upwards of $20 when I looked a few weeks ago! So, I decided to make my own. I bought these simple, flat-front wood frames, (around $5 each), and sprayed them in flat black spray paint, ($4 for the can which will easily last you quite a while for smaller projects such as this). Then I took a large piece of white sidewalk chalk, (from my kids' stash), and decorated each frame in a custom border. I'm no artist, so the best part of working with chalk is being able to easily erase any mess-ups! After I finished the designs, I blew all the loose chalk dust off and sprayed the frames with a clear acrylic adhesive, (found at most craft stores for $3 a can), to seal in the art.

These made great gifts for the grandmas this year ;)

These vases would make beautiful hostess gifts! Use them to contain a lovely bouquet of flowers, loose change, keys, or other small treasures that need a place of their own. I bought various shapes/sizes of mason jars, taped the rims, and sprayed the glass with flat black spray paint. You can customize these with a chalked on monogram or just create a beautiful pattern over the whole thing! The sky is the limit!
I could have done a dozen more of these, they were too fun and too easy.

There ya have it. Fun with chalk that translates to beautiful, one of a kind accents for your home.

Have a fabulous and safe New Years everyone!


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