June 4, 2014

My first 'Take-two'!

By Chelsea

Three days until the 5th Chelsea's Garage sale! Here's today's sneak peek:

Sometime last week I posted a photo of this piece that I picked up at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore:

It felt like any other first meeting with a new piece: "Why, hello there; let's check you out. Mmm-hmm, you got it goin' on. Good bones, kickin' body. I would looooove to get my hands on you; are you spoken for? You're not?! Well then let's go, I'll pull my car around and pick you up. What's that? You don't think you'll fit in my minivan? I assure you, there's nothing 'mini' about it; it's pretty spacious with the seats out. C'mon. My house isn't far and my husband won't mind."

Then, after a few drinks, (of water), I went to the garage to remove the hardware from my new piece, (bow-chicka-wow-wowww). In that instant, I realized we had met before. Months ago. How embarrassing!!

Let's take a quick walk down memory lane. I found this piece at Goodwill last fall:

Turned it into this:

And it became a highly praised and shared Before / After feature on Apartment Therapy, catapulting the piece to hundreds of boards all over Pinterest. I couldn't believe it!!

So, when I started to recognize this new piece from the ReStore, I flew to the computer to look at photos of the previous piece I'd done last fall. Every detail is exactly. the. same. In 4 years of refinishing furniture, I can't recall ever finding a duplicate piece. I felt ridiculously giddy as soon as I realized I was getting a 'take-two' opportunity with one of the most popular pieces to come out of my humble garage!

After some back and forth, I decided to go in a totally different direction this time. A little quieter, softer, and slightly more versatile:

I couldn't use the original hardware; it was missing too many pieces and wasn't quite the look I was going for. After browsing some options online, I decided on these beech wood pulls from ATG Stores which I think add stunning contrast to the crisp white.  It's the natural wood that gives the entire piece a down to earth feel.

Gentle distressing over a crisp white piece is my favorite. There's a warmth and coziness that distressing adds, even to this Pure White by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Before / After, Take-two

My first After / After

Pretty different, right?! Both good saves, in my utterly biased opinion. Find this and other one-of-a-kind beauties this coming Saturday! Cate and I will be selling two months worth of refinished pieces right out of my garage-turned-showroom. We are so excited to see and meet all who can make it!

(Please contact chelseasgarage@gmail.com for the address. Cash or Check are accepted)

Thank you for stopping by!


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