January 8, 2014

Pin thin {Pinning only what truly inspires me}

By Chelsea

Hi guys! As we embark on a new year with new goals and ambitions, I think this is also a good time to address our old ones. I don't know how many of you use Pinterest, but I started an account a few years ago...and didn't use it for a long time. Just this past year did I start pinning ideas here and there. It's a great resource for saving ideas, but for me personally, I like to 'pin thin'. I don't typically pin anything to my personal boards that I don't plan to use, do, make, or at least seriously consider. I do keep boards with project ideas for other people and those tend to fill up fast, but for the most part I prefer to pin with care. The images below are of a few ideas I pinned followed by my version. **Sorry - my photos are all taken with my phone camera....which is all about to change. Thank you, Matt!!! :)

New entry way. Floating shelf from Lowes, same as we did our bedside shelves, chicken wire to close off the odd arch in the wall near the floor down to the basement. Grab some branches from outside and voila! (photo from apartmenttherapy)

My version
To keep our entry way functional with three little ones, I found this vintage red toolbox to use as a bench for pulling shoes on and off! The art I made myself, (but am thinking of redoing in some sort of ombre), and with a woodsy back yard I always have fresh green branches I can pull in!

Love everything about this dresser makeover - crown molding on the bottom = genius!

My version
I pinned the dresser transformation above a long time before I got to try it myself. Finally, the right client came along who wanted a media console with lots of storage and room for the media boxes. When I showed her my pinned inspiration above, she loved it! After she chose a paint color I replicated this version to her specifications.

Horrible garage photo, but this was once the hardware was finally decided, ordered, and attached. We loaded it up to make the delivery right after this shot! (Is it just me or do I look like a hologram?)

World Market Garner Extension table

My version
So, I didn't actually make this table, (the Garner Extension table from World Market), but when I showed it to my husband he liked it so much that we decided to sell our old handed down set and purchase our first dining table and chairs.

Have you replicated any of your own saved inspirations recently, (Pinterest or elsewhere)? If so, feel free to share! I love seeing your creative handy work!

Thank you so much for coming by!



  1. Chelsea: I love your own artwork in your entrance way, but I think you need to add a little red heart in the corner :) to bring in the red from your toolbox (which I love!) Love following your creative ways of expressing you and your family.

    1. You are so right on! I thought the same exact thing when I finished the painting and added a red scripted "hello" in the bottom right corner. Of course you can't see it in the low quality photo. ;) I think when I redo the painting I'll make the red hello bigger and bolder!