October 26, 2012

Items ready for sale day!

Over the last couple weeks I've been able to make some big strides with some of the larger pieces I will be selling at the November 17 sale. I'm not gonna lie, I love doing large pieces. The bigger the piece, the bigger the thrill I get from transforming it, (though I think it's time I start saving up for a paint sprayer! Doing these beasts by hand and brush is a workout!)

Please excuse the photography situation. I simply do not have the time right now to move these big boys inside my home and stage proper photos for you. I will have them decently staged on the November 17 sale day and will certainly take better photos then. But for now these will have to do.

{Large Aqua                                       }
(fill in the blank....dresser, sideboard, buffet, entertainment center...)
*Refinished in a beautiful saturated aqua and heavily distressed. I decided to use the original brass hardware, but spray painted it black, (Rustoleum brand is the best canned spray paint I've come across)
{Gray and Cream China Cabinet}
*I removed the dated glass doors months ago, painted them, and sold them as decorative wall hangings. I love this more open look! The inside has been finished in a custom mixed gray that is both warm and light. The outside is a layer of the same shade of gray with a top coat of creamy white, sanded down to let the gray peek through. New hardware and added molding to the vertical rails that support the shelves give this piece a polished feel without losing it's light and airy vibe. (shelves yet to be added)

Again, my apologies for the setting of these pictures! You wanted to see the inside of my garage, right? ;) Better ones to come, promise!
I was about to post this as-is, but then remembered a mirror I did a little bit ago that I never told you about. This mirror has a creepy story though so I thought this would be an appropriate time to share! I was taking off the backing of the mirror so I could remove the glass, (I like to paint the front and backs of mirror frames so there's no unflattering peeks of the original color in the reflection along the sides of the mirror), and as I pulled the backing off there was a colony, (a colony I tell you!), of stink bugs, living inside. This mirror had just been picked up from a local thrift store and I started work on it that afternoon. A very good lesson to all my thrifter friends - take non-new things apart and check them/clean them thoroughly before you bring them in your home!!!
{Large Greige Mirror}
*Refinished in a warm greige, (to my Dad, Matt and anyone else who doesn't know what I'm talking about, greige IS a color - a cross between gray and beige), very lightly distressed, and sealed in clear glaze. Available at the November 17 sale.

That's it for the next few days! Now my attention will turn from furniture to my favorite soon-to-be 3 year olds' birthday!  Our twins are as different as could be so it's an interesting, (and time consuming), challenge to make both feel special and celebrated on their birthday. But, time well spent and I wouldn't rather be doing anything else. :)
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow, all of your furniture is beautiful. I read your add on craig's list, and that is how I came across your blog. I know that I couldn't afford to buy any of it, but you have great ideas. I think I may try the paper flower wreath. I love making wreaths.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Hilary! I hope the paper wreath tutorial is helpful for you! If you are up for coming by my sale this Saturday, (Nov. 17, 10-4:30), you are more than welcome to come and look around with no obligation to purchase. I keep my prices very low by selling straight out of my garage, as opposed to renting a room in some of the areas top antique/gift shops and having to pay a percentage of each sale. Besides furniture I'll also have a table of gift items which will all be marked under $20. Please email me at chelseasgarage@gmail.com for the address if you are interested! I'd love to meet you!