October 22, 2012

A room for Shire

It is done and it is sweet. It has the aroma of fresh flowers, a peachy glow from a peach lampshade, and is now filled with the sounds of soft songs and sweet chatter from her small elf voice. Shire officially has her own room and our little men are two happy roommates. You may recall this post back when I was collecting ideas and inspiration for Shire's room. I basically took my favorite ideas from that collection of rooms, tweaked them, Shire added a few of her own touches, and over the last couple months I have worked on each piece of furniture, art, and bedding until the collection for her room was done and the kids seemed ready to switch.

 {Welcome! Do come in...}

This white chenille blanket with the peach trim detail and soft blue and green accent flowers I found at an old antique shop during a visit to Lititz, PA. It was one of the first items I got for Shire's room and set the tone for the colors around the room.

I will post later this week how I did the headboard; it was very easy! Each of the fabrics I used behind the window glass is used elsewhere in the room as well!

My sweet friend, Megen Minter made the awesome accent pillows from fabrics I found out and about, (read about them here). If you want custom pillows made, contact her at megenminter@gmail.com!

I painted this night table a custom peach then roughed it up a bit. Homemade drawer pulls from strips of white linen soften it up.

Shire picked out this wrapping paper and I used it as the background of this verse that Matt and I put on her first Christmas ornament. The bird I just traced from a computer image and cut on scrapbook paper.

Framed fabric. Such a simple and sweet way to fill up some wall space!

Fabric tassels! A fun, whimsical accent for a little one's room.
Learn how to make them here!

 I use glass candle stick holders to keep Shire's hair accessories contained.

 Her 'whatever' nook. She can read, draw, or do whatever it is she likes to do when she's not asleep :)

I painted the desk the same saturated aqua color as the rustic stripes down her dresser. The stool seat was recovered in a tablecloth Shire found while on a date with Momma to Lucketts.

The story of Peter Rabbit, displayed in pictures, is thrown up on her wall for the fun of it :)
How-to found here.

 Last but not least, the butterflies. I found these butterflies when Shire and Colin were just months old. I had the privilege of a couple hours out by myself, (thanks to my Mom), and found this cute little gift shop in downtown Vienna. These butterflies were in a large basket, all tangled up and missing antennas and wings. I fished for the best 3 and went to pay, (they were marked at $3 each). When I went to pay the woman told me to just take all of them for $5. So I got 7! They've been in a bag for almost 3 years. Now I have them hung inside these frames....

...and above her bed. Shire has told us the "ba-fries" are her favorite part of her room and that they flap their wings. I am positive, in her mind, they do!

This room was too much fun to work on. Such a labor of love for my daughter. It was awesome working on it with her and asking her opinions about certain things...my hope was that she would feel a sense of ownership over her room and understand that she helped to create and inspire it! The very best part, though, is walking from my bed across the hall over to her bed and crawling in to snuggle, (while we listen to the sounds of 'boy' on the other side of the wall). :)

Thank you for reading!



  1. I absolutely LOVE how sweet Shire's big girl room turned out! I know she will continue to enjoy it as she grows.

  2. Thank you, Megan! It's been fun to watch her enjoy it so much!

  3. I want to switch bedrooms with Shire!