November 29, 2012

9 DIY WREATHS - for any spot in your home!

Happy Holidays, everyone! We are in the midst of those few, fabulous, fast, weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas and like many, we have pulled out our boxes of Christmas decorations, dusted them off, and decked out our home once again for one of my favorite times of year. I will show pictures later of our merry abode, (once we get the tree!), but I thought now would be a good time to share one of my favorite Christmas DIY projects in case you want to try for yourselves!
W   R   E   A   T   H   S   !
Typical, right? I know. Not very original or jaw dropping. I have always really admired wreaths, though. The beginning of my love for wreaths most definitely started on Duke of Gloucester street in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. If you ever get a chance to visit Colonial Williamsburg over the holidays, you will not be disappointed - for many reasons. One of them being the hundreds of homemade wreaths using nothing that cannot be found in nature. Fruit, vegetables, nuts, pine cones, seashells and so many more little things I would NEVER imagine adorning on a wreath - but they're absolutely beautiful and no two are the same. 
A couple months ago I began to get several requests for some different kinds of wreaths. It certainly got my creative juices flowing and I realized wreaths can be really chic! After completing the wreaths that were requested, I started looking for more things around my home that I could use for wreaths. Here are a few different styles that I made that were very easy and cost next to nothing, (or literally nothing!)
Tightly wound tulle wreath
I used a wire wreath frame and just wrapped the tulle around it, several layers thick. I started off tight with the first few layers, then kept the final layers looser for a soft look.

Loosely wound tulle wreath
Same steps as above, except I kept the tulle super loose and kind of 'messy' for a fuller look. Tied with a wide strip of burlap.
Tissue paper wreath
I used a wire wreath frame, floral wire, and about 8 sheets of tissue paper, cut into quarters, (square). I pinched each square of tissue paper from the middle, gathered it up like a cone, and pierced the tip of the cone with about 2 inches of floral wire. I attached each tissue cone by winding the wire around the individual rings of the frame. Keep the 'cones' close together for a very full and fluffy look.

Small tulle strip wreath
I used about 1" thick x 4-5" long strips of tulle and a wire wreath frame. I tied on each strip of tulle, (in a simple knot), until every ring was full of tulle. I used this wreath for our dining table centerpiece this year. Filled with some used, creamy white votives and some sprigs of red berries, it's the perfect centerpiece in our dining room right now!

Large tulle strip wreath
Same steps as above. For this wreath I used two shades of tulle - gold and a very soft peach.
Book page wreath
The low down on how to create this elegant wreath can be found in this post, (full instructions with pictures of each step)

Wound fabric wreath
I used about one square yard of scrap fabric that I had and cut it into one long 4" wide strip. I wound the strip around a wire wreath frame and just tucked the end inside. Finished with a peach tulle bow. I like how this wreath puts a festive touch on our guest 'nook', especially since we'll have two very special guests over Christmas when my husband's parents visit!

Spray painted garland wreath
I used an originally green garland wreath and simply spray painted it in glossy white. Adorned with sprigs of red berries, this wreath is a beautiful combination of simple and classy.
 Frosted 'recycled' wreath
This one might be the cheapest of all, (as far as both time and money). Just leave your Fall wreath up but spray paint it white! I love how our once vibrantly full of color Fall wreath looks under a wintry layer of 'frost'.
Alright, I know I'm not the only one who's been making some wreaths. If you've ever made a wreath, what were your favorite items/supplies to use?
Thanks for reading!

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  1. I have never, because I'm not creative with these things. But I like your frosted 'recycled' wreath and spray painting the garland one. Good idea that I could probably try!