November 27, 2012

Our Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a truly wonderful Thanksgiving! Ours was just what I'd hoped for; a cozy, memorable day surrounded by a handful of my favorite people. I've got a few fun photos to share of the day, but I'll start with the table. A few weeks ago I shared this post about some appealing Thanksgiving tables that I found inspirational when thinking about how to do our own.

Of course, the very least important thing on Thanksgiving is how the table looks. But, it was a fun project for me to try since our table is never set. Our kids still eat on colorful plastic toddler plates which sometimes end up on the floor on top a pile of noodles or pb&j. In the rush to get dinner ready for the 5 of us, 3 of whom get ansy 10 min before I'm ready to serve, I'll fly into my seat next to my husband only to realize neither he nor I have silverware, a napkin or a drink. It's awful! Thanksgiving was just a fun excuse to make our table pretty :) And it wasn't without help from my creative Momma who has a fantastic eye for 'pretty'! Also, she is a genius for suggesting and supplying the disposable dinnerware. How wonderful it was when we were finished with our meal, in a state of turkey coma, to throw everything in a big Hefty bag!

Our Thanksgiving table, 2012

Post meal...
 Reading with (Great) Grandma Livi
Driving trucks on Daddy's legs, (and lots of football!)

Napping with Uncle Caleb
Goofing around with (Great) Grandpa Doug
Taking a cute picture for Mom with my brother, Caleb, and sister, Casey
And a handful of mischievous ones

Snuggling with my sister and Mom
And just enjoying one another :)
So thankful.
And thank you for stopping by!

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  1. It was a great day honey! And YOU & Matt set the pace. Very relaxing (except for the 10 minutes before everyone sits), and fun! The pics are precious.