February 7, 2013

Color Inspiration - Coral and Aqua!

Hello, February. This is the month that I long for Spring, which tends to feel so far away this time of year. But, it's a perfect time of year to dig deep into one's creative juices! Finding something creative that passes the time for the warmer months to come is pure gold. One thing I've been biding my time with lately is thinking of how to incorporate a specific color combo on our main level. Allow me to introduce my love affair with coral and aqua!

Take a look back at our wedding to get an idea of my love for this particular marriage:

What I wouldn't give for a slice of that cake now
*peach filling between layers of moist vanilla cake and aqua tinted buttercream frosting*

Girls in aqua dresses with bright coral and peach bouquets

We've already got some punches of aqua and teal with our buffet:...

...and china cabinet

I love that these two pieces are big and in your face; that they aren't the same color but that they look well across the room from each other. I have a few accessories that have touches of aqua, so I think I'm pretty set on that color. What I am keeping my eyes peeled for now are objects in coral! I've got a few items so far, all found at thrift stores. And after looking around for some inspiration, I think I've got a few craft projects ahead of me that will complete this bright and fun look. It will be a couple months before I can show you the new color combo in our home, (this is my plan to get through the remainder of the cold winter months), so in the mean time I thought I'd show you some spaces that have increased my love for this color marriage and my inspiration!

 {Tobi Farley}


{Tracery Interiors}

What color combo catches your eye the most? Please share!



  1. LOVE love LOVE aqua and coral! Two of my favorite colors separately, so together = heaven.

    A color combo that I'm a wee bit obsessed with lately is navy and mustard - think bold, nautical navy/white stripes, and pops of mustard here and there, against a mostly neutral room (cognac brown leather, warm nude walls, etc.) To me, it's a cozy yet sophisticated palette. :)

    Love reading your blog, Chels! xoxo, Becca Berlin <3

    1. Thanks sweet Becca! I love your navy and mustard design palette! Picturing it feels just as you describe - cozy and sophisticated. Ironically, one of my favorite outfits is a pair of mustard cords, a flowy white blouse, and a navy cardi. Can't go wrong! Enjoy your nesting, my favorite newlywed!