February 22, 2013

Fun with frames

Happy Friday, friends! I am sure you're as grateful as I am that the weekend is nearly here! I've been talking an awful lot lately about color, (sorry!), but it really is something that's at the forefront of my mind right now. I know that I like color. I know that I like neutrals. So it's figuring out how to mix color in with my love of neutrals that is fun, exciting, and sometimes challenging.

One easy way to try on color in your home is simply by adding small, inexpensive, (colorful), accents. Home decor accents are like adding jewelry to an outfit. I like to kick it up a notch with some bling when I want to make a statement! Never underestimate the impact of a long pendant necklace, (my favorite piece of jewelry)! Those small decor accents that you might overlook could really have more impact than you think! A colorful vase, a pretty candle, even books bound in a pretty hue - these smaller objects are important for completing a room, just as jewelry completes the outfit!

This week I took my first step in joining the two colors I am favoring at the moment: coral and aqua. I bought a few frames at Goodwill last week for less than $2 each, slapped some paint on them that I already had from my stash, and they totally added a snap of color on our gallery wall! 

Here is how our gallery wall looked since last November:

And here it is all jazzed up with some color!

Now I am even more excited to bring in the rest of my coral finds from last week, (found here)! This photo of our living room and dining room space is going to change a bit over the next month or so. Hooray for Spring and some refreshing change!

And hooray for overcoming my reservations about hammering a bunch of nails into our wall ;)
Totally worth it; like getting my ears pierced. 

To maintain an element of class and elegance on this wall, I mixed in some various metallic frames and kept the rest of the frames very neutral in black or white. I know that combining coral and aqua together is towing the line of looking like a child's nursery, so it's super important to me where and how I use these colors. 

Have you thought any more about trying the Color my World challenge? Please, oh please join! All are welcome - and if you are a blogger friend then definitely let me know you're doing it and I'll link you here on Chelsea's Garage! This post has the 'info', (it's really just a casual invitation to try out a new color in your home and share photos here on the blog)!

Have a fantastic weekend!

And Happiest Birthday to my little and only brother, Caleb!!! I am pretty certain he doesn't read this...but just in case. ;) Either way, he is dear to me and I treasure birthdays.



  1. LOVE the colorful gallery wall! Fresh and pretty!

    xoxo, Becca