February 27, 2013

Simple chandelier upgrade, plus 4 DAYS TIL RACE!

Got a minute? 'Cuz that's all the time you need to give your old chandelier a quick face lift! Remember all that wallpaper I picked up at the thrift store a couple weeks ago that was identical to a wallpaper I had actually pinned on Pinterest? Yea, probably not. :) Well anyways, I've been collecting some fun ideas for how to use it that I can't wait to start on, but this little idea just popped in my head this morning. I'm not sure how much time there was between when I thought about it and when I was standing on our dining table doing it, but it might be a personal record between idea to reaction time.

This one is pretty straight forward. I measured the length of the vertical center piece of our chandelier and cut a 3" wide strip of wallpaper to that length. I ran a glue stick down both long edges then wrapped the length of wallpaper around the center piece of the chandelier. Then I pressed down the seam so glue would do it's thing and keep the piece together. *I did not glue the wallpaper to the chandelier, just one edge of the paper to the other edge - this way I can remove it whenever I want.

Finished product!

Next project: lower the chandelier! That excess chain has bothered me for two years too long.

But I do like this little upgrade.:) It was fun and easy and little projects like this one make the long month of February a bit more bearable. 

On another note....4 MORE DAYS UNTIL THE BIG RACE!
This SUNDAY MARCH 3, I am running the Reston 10 miler to bring awareness to an awesome foundation called AHOPE for Children. In short, AHOPE rescues and cares for the wee ones of Ethiopia who have the least amount of hope; the precious orphans affected by HIV. Every little bit can help make a difference for this incredible ministry that relies on support to care for the growing number of children they are taking in. Besides providing medical treatment, AHOPE also educates their children so they may be productive, successful adults in their country. How cool is that?! If you have any interest in either a one time or monthly donation to AHOPE for Children, please visit my fundraiser, (below), Running for AHOPE, or see their website here and follow the Donate Now instructions. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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