December 4, 2013

Holiday home tour {Dining room}

By Chelsea

Hi guys! Well, like most people we turned over from Thanksgiving to Christmas in a blink! This year, however, the Christmas decorating was extra special. Our children, (4yr old boy-girl twins and a 2yr old little guy), are at an age where they not only understand the concept of birthdays, but get over-the-moon excited for them. We make a big deal about each birthday in our home and turn the house into a crepe paper and balloon extravaganza. Celebrating each other is a big deal and something we do with tremendous joy. 

What a pleasure it was for Matt and me to gather our kids and tell them of the most important birthday of all time. A birthday that changed the world forever and is celebrated across the globe. The older two know that even though we cannot physically see Jesus, He came and is here! And that is cause for great celebration! And, like with all the celebrations in our home, we must decorate. :)

In order to prevent one super long post with more pictures than you care to see, I thought I would break up our holiday home tour by room. Since I'm still putting some finishing touches on the other rooms I'll start with our dining room. 

Our festive dining room

Merry and bright...

In order to fit our big ol' Noble fir tree, we had to move the church pew, (Lucketts Spring Market find), into the dining room. This will serve well over the holidays when we increase the number at our table.

The turned over iron window planter covers some well used candles atop trimmed stumps of Christmas trees.

I am SO a fan of the freebies at the Christmas tree lots. Branches and tree stumps, I load myself and my kids elves up. 

To clarify, I would never, ever have intentionally done a yellow/gold and red 'theme'. Those two colors together are typically a bit too rich and warm for my preference and our home. However...

 ...the lumbar pillows on our arm chairs were $1.98 clearance placemats from Target that I picked up in July just for the purpose of making them into pillows for Christmas. I didn't have a plan at the time, I just liked them and accepted them as perfect Christmas pillows for a steal of a price! (Placemat-to-pillow tutorial here)

And there's the pom-pom wreath, (One A Week DIY Christmas decor project found here).

Looking forward to filling our dining room with dear ones soon!

Bon appetit!