July 21, 2014

Video tutorial #1! {Chalk painting a chair}

By Chelsea

Hi guys! Last week I finally jumped on the video tutorial train and cooked up a couple how-to videos! I've had a lot of interest from the sweetest clients and friends to organize a chalk painting workshop. With summer schedules being so difficult to juggle I decided to put together a couple video tutorials instead to help get those visual learners started.

For my first tutorial I decided to paint a chair. Chairs are one of the most common pieces to refinish as they are found all over the place, often quite cheap, and are easy to throw in the back of the car. However, they are also one of the trickiest pieces, in my opinion! There are so many angles to cover on a chair; getting even coverage can be difficult and tedious. But through a couple simple techniques, painting chairs doesn't have to be so painstaking!

I hope this video, and the ones that follow, are helpful and easy to follow. Please, please, please send feedback!!! I'd love to know how I can improve my tutorials. And I also want to hear what you'd like to see! If there's a specific area of refinishing that you'd like to get some visual guidance with, (or even a specific type of piece you'd like to watch getting painted), let me know! Following this video I have one coming up for waxing a chair, (and it's much shorter).

Thank you for stopping by!



  1. Chelsea-- What a great video! Your tutorial is very natural, personal, and encouraging, not to mention informative. So inspiring! I loved it, Aunt Lynda

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Aunt Lynda! I need to get the hang of video tutorials - and it was just a wee bit awkward when some neighbors walked by while I was filming. Haha!