August 13, 2014

Nursery Themes Using Engineer Prints

By Cate

Why hello there!  As some of you may already know, last month I shared how to make a faux pull-down chart from an engineer print.  Well since then it has become increasingly more obvious {mainly to my husband because they're multiplying in our home} that I am OBSESSED.  I mean, have you noticed how I've been sneaking them in to all my post pictures lately...?

Like here 

annnnnnd couldn't help myself here either

Can't stop won't stop.  I simply must share some more...

So because they give such a strong nod to those vintage school house pull-down charts, I can't help but feel they would be so cute for kids!  You can so easily do something custom, cute, cheap, and even educational for any baby's nursery theme {not that Caleb and I are looking for ideas - just because we're married and I mentioned the word baby doesn't make me pregnant people.}  ;)

I mean, couldn't you see this vintage car print in a boys room?
{Source: The Graphics Fairy}

How about this sweet alphabet print?

Are you seeing the potential yet?  Maybe this will help...
This hot air balloon print could take any nursery Up Up and Away...

How about a sailing ship for your Little Sailor...

Or a noble stag to watch over your Woodland Adventurer...

The possibilities are endless!  I think that last one is my fave...  Have another great idea for these cheap black & white engineer prints?  We'd love to see how you do it!  Tag us in your projects #ChelseasGarage!

Happy Wednesday ya'll,

~ Cate

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  1. If I were a baby I'd want to live in any of those rooms. Cute, cute!