April 16, 2013

New store alert! (for Northern VA)

Last weekend I had the special gift of a rare date with my sweet boy, Colin. Colin is my oldest son, (3yrs), and Shire's twin. One of my greatest pleasures in life is one-on-one alone time with any of my children. Each of our three have such strikingly different personalities that getting to be alone with any one of them for even a short period is an adventure.

Colin and I had a little adventure of our own when he accompanied me to On a Whim in Leesburg for more Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
It's my favorite errand to run just because of the beautiful drive!
God, the Creator. So magnificent!

On a Whim - check em' out!

After we picked up our paint at On a Whim, we walked next door to this new treasure hunter's hot spot, Rust and Feathers. This gem opened in January and I couldn't be more excited to go visit again! The owner has a fantastic eye and you'll find a plethora of vintage home accessories as well as refinished pieces.

Naturally, we came home with more than just paint ;)

Rust and Feathers had a large basket filled with horse shoes. Colin and I dug around, picked out a few, and then decided this was our winner. It was different from all the others and seemed well used. I kind of like the idea of horse shoes as gifts. Who doesn't want a small dose of good luck in their home?
Plus, they're just cool looking, yea?!

On a Whim was having a free Annie Sloan workshop so Colin got to test some colors on his fingers. Barcelona Orange on the left, Arles on the right. No one but a mother could possibly treasure two small slips of paper so dearly. If you know Colin, (and I'm pretty sure most of you don't), the fact that he even touched the paint is huge for him. These will be framed.:)

~You, (and your bffs), are invited to the Chelsea's Garage Spring Sale!~

Saturday, May 4
Herndon, VA
(contact me at chelseasgarage@gmail.com for the address)

What you can expect: 
Complimentary refreshments
Norah Jones, (probably not in person, but I'll work on it)
One, two, or three of my children making an appearance if you're lucky
My husband making an appearance if you're really lucky
Oh yes, and lots of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces all ready for a good home

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!


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  1. I always enjoy reading your blog, Chels! No one else would even notice this, probably, but I am thrilled that one of the paint colors Colin tried out is called Arles. And the shade does remind me of the yellows that Van Gogh used in his landscapes when he lived in that part of La Belle France. :)