June 10, 2013

Early Stages of Decorating: Part 2 - You got style, baby!

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Last week I began our Early Stages of Decorating series, (following loosely along with my beloved Domino: The Book of Decorating). We discussed the importance of collecting inspiration, (see post here), and I left you with the task of connecting themes between the things that inspire you so that you can begin to identify your unique decorating style.

The thought of defining my style used to intimidate me because I felt like it was too much commitment. If I say my style is bohemian, then I feel there is an expectation to have my home dripping in layers of fabric and colors and collections. If I say it's rustic then I feel the pressure to include obvious rustic elements in every room. If I call it elegant does that mean I can't include anything too whimsical or off beat? I'm none of these completely and a little bit of each.

Who says your style has to be under one umbrella? One of the most refreshing, (and relieving), things I learned from reading Domino was that it's perfectly fine and normal to be a little of this and a little of that. I think of my style as a pie chart; I'm a few parts this, a few parts that, a small part over there, and it's the unique mix of those which make my style 100% me. Like a style mutt!

The reason it's a good exercise to identify your style is so you can start to critique your inspiration collection. You may have tagged/pinned/recorded that super cool, (and trendy), Eames rocker, but is it really you? I, for one, love this chair...but I think I would get tired of it because deep down, I just prefer the soft, cozy feel, (and look), of a fabric covered cushion under my bum. Just being honest. Honest is good.
Ultimately, defining your style may help you save money from impulse buys, (as with this Eames rocker which I am sure my husband would not have minded me dropping over $500 for...). If you are critical about what you bring into your home, you will likely spend only on what is most important and appealing to you. There is nothing worse than making a purchase on something you're unsure about and then overworking, (and overwhelming), yourself trying to like it. I know because I've been there. It confuses things. But, we're not on purchases yet, (and we will get there).

For now, the next step toward decorating your home is simply placing style words to each item in your inspiration collection and seeing what kind of pie chart you come up with.

Any fellow style mutts out there? :)

And a very happy anniversary to my love of 7 years and all my years left. It sure has been an exciting ride so far and I couldn't imagine it with anyone else. God is so good.


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  1. I'm definitely a style mutt, too! But I try to buy what I like, rather than what I think will "go" with what I have. Sometimes that means waiting, which is hard, because often I just want everything done (our house is still a mess from our kitchen remodel, which was finished nearly two months ago).