June 27, 2013

The room you never see...our basement!

Before we moved in almost 3yrs ago:

-I really, really, wanted to paint the wood. All of it. My husband was 100% against it! He wanted to keep the wood but paint the brick. It was a good challenge - it made me think outside of the box and figure out some other ways to bring some of the lighter colors from other areas of the home down to the basement. I'm not sold on the white brick...still scratching my head. The color might change, but I thought I'd share our progress.
And now:

Zooming in...

*Pillows by Festive Home Decor on Etsy

*Ottoman a recovered thrift store find using a window curtain by Target Threshold

*Childrens' step stool a painted thrift store find using Annie Sloan's Duck Egg

And around the corner...

Our old guest nook:
(sorry so blurry!?)


*That unflattering overhead light has seen the end of its days - I found a fun replacement at a yard sale which I will attempt to install myself. {yikes!} If I make it through I'll definitely post pictures! 
*The fabric hung by a tension rod in the bookshelf is the remains of the curtain from Target that I used to recover the ottoman. It's a good spot to keep extra office stuff that ain't so purdy, (i.e. cords, manuals, files, camcorder, etc)
*Window above futon needs to be hung, but you get the idea (this section is still coming along)

*Finally, an organised spot for my little ones to sit and be creative! By moving the file cabinet under the desk and adding two chairs on the ends, (thrift store finds painted Duck Egg by ASCP), now at least two kids at a time can sit and craft together.

*I painted a piece of scrap board in flat black and wrote CREATE in chalk, (plain old flat black paint works exactly the same as chalkboard paint, (and is cheaper). Tin canisters found at a yard sale hold crayons. And a big empty frame that I've had for a while is the perfect size to keep only the most recent creations displayed.

Still a couple of ends to tie up but the progress down here is pure satisfaction!

Thank you for reading!


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