June 19, 2013

The piece I won't paint

and how I keep it updated.

There are few pieces I won't paint. I've refinished valuable antiques and ancient family heirlooms. It's not that sentiment is lost on me, it's that I believe in giving those old pieces the chance to be used and loved once again rather than stashed away in the spare room because they don't 'go' with the home's decor. If a fresh coat of paint will give them that second chance, then that's what I do. 

But sometimes, paint is not on the ticket.

My Mom gave us this dresser when we moved into our home a few years ago.

It's the first piece you see when you walk through the door and that's how I like it. It's stunning. Tiger oak, I think? The grain of the wood is like nothing I have ever come across.

Not to mention the shape altogether. It's sweet, isn't it?


But there's more to this dresser that strikes my fancy. This was my Mom's dresser for years and years. I just always remember it in my parents room. In fact, it was in that top middle drawer that my little sister, Casey, discovered there was indeed, no Santa Clause. She had written a letter to Santa, and my Mom put the treasured keepsake in her sock drawer for safe keeping. If my memory serves me right, I think it was Christmas morning when my sister went to fetch a pair of socks for my Mom to prompt her out of bed so we could all go downstairs together. It was then that Casey found her own, un-mailed letter to Santa. Fun times. :)

No, I have no plans to paint this piece. The one change I've made is replaced the knobs. The piece came to us with these pretty starch white, (ceramic?), knobs, which worked for a long time. I think since adding the new mirror, which is super ornate compared to what we had there before, the bright white knobs were a little distracting.

~Original knobs~

~New jute knobs, (Hobby Lobby)~

Any pieces in your home that bring back memories from ages ago?


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  1. Love this! I definitely remember the Santa episode!

  2. We have a couple of those as well.
    My Gram actually gave us one of her family tables only on the condition that we wouldn't paint it.
    This is a beautiful dresser!