October 11, 2013

Friday Love

I've been getting a number of requests lately for dining tables, dining chairs and buffets. Thanksgiving and the hosting season are surely upon us! And what a joy and pleasure it is to put your own personal touch on your decor and tablescape. My style tends to be somewhat minimal and eclectic, so I am particularly drawn to tables that are rather underdressed and informal. I'm not talking about an empty tablescape that lacks warmth or personality. On the contrary, actually! I think by tactful layering of color and texture, a table that appears simply dressed magically invites it's guests to linger just a bit longer than usual.

My inspiration? Mr. Norman Rockwell

I love this painting of the Thanksgiving table. It's beautiful and captivating, not because of any extravagant table decorations, but because of the smiling faces surrounding it with love and hope. 

Here are some photos that I also find inspiring for a simple, festive tablescape: 

Fashion Gourmet


Julie Blanner

Lilyfield Life

French Larkspur

I know this is completely opposite of the spectacular tablesapes that are blowing up on Pinterest and the like right now. But to me, these tables are the gems that stand out.

So what do you think? Could less actually be more?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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