October 18, 2013

Friday Love

This weeks Friday Love is really more of an obsession; one that I've had for a long time. Layered rugs! The image below is one that I saved a long time ago from the ever fresh, In the Fun Lane. The overlapping area rugs going in two different directions adds a quiet exclamation point to one cozy scene. A favorite, for sure.

Aside from the inviting, eclectic aesthetic of layered area rugs of various size, shape and color, it is also a fine economical answer to covering more space on a tight budget! 

If the printed rug you've got your eye on either doesn't come in a size large enough that you need OR blows your budget out of the water, then grab something cheap and neutral in the size you need and top it with a smaller version of the printed rug! Lovin' these examples, (shown above and below, stay-blog and tracizeller.com, respectively):

Or forget the neutral rug all together and create your own custom floor covering with layered rugs exactly where you need them:

(Creamy Life)

How about these punctuations of color and texture in the master bedroom!



Have a wonderful weekend!


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