October 30, 2013

Savior Complex

Post by Cate

So because I am still new to Chelsea's Garage and because we are still getting to know one another, I thought this week I would give you a deeper look into what makes me tick.  I can tell you one fabulously obvious thing about me is that I LOVE the idea of "rescuing" pieces.  Maybe it's my savior complex, but I love finding something... anything with potential and giving it its chance to shine.  In fact, I have a whole pinterest board dedicated to taking one thing and repurposing it as another.

Thus the PINspiration for this week's post: my favorite repurposing ideas.  Below are a couple of highlights from my favorite pinterest board - hopefully they will inspire you to see old things in a new light!

Wire Baskets {as shelves}

wire basket shelving

Radio Dials {as a coat rack}


Tea Tins {as magnetic store-alls}

tea tins...BOOM

Desktop Organizer {as dry food wall storage}

doing this

File Cabinet {as kitchen island}

filing cabinet island

Tree Branch {as a clothing rack}

Tree Branch Hanging Coat Rack

Terracotta Pots {as a living wreath}

Living wreath

Now it's your turn!


1 comment:

  1. Love em' all! It's also cool how seeing one idea can spark another! That tree branch used as a clothing rack could also be cool to hang those tiny posts of succulents or flowers from above a buffet or sideboard!